Da Commission is a duo of ambitious hip hop authors which is made up of twin brothers Domagoj ‘Intricate-D’ & Mihovil ‘Mon$taa Mic’Gaspic who have been in music since the age of thirteen. The duo were born and raised in Kuwait before coming to their original homeland, Croatia in 2005.

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Da Commission : Spaced Out (Official Music Video)

Check out the new video ‘Spaced Out’  The wait is over people !!! Big shout out to Dominik Belančić Zvonimir Popović Bilić Kruno LapendaSandro Vlastelica Ivan Sando Biuk Boris Mojsilovic Moses Angelo BernatSanja Macanić Emanuella Red Button Kucic Emanuela Mandarić Jelena Smoljo Daja Vušković Nan Xi Miran Relić Josip Baumgartner Ivan Ozbiljan Apić Ivan Sumic Ivan Peović Gordan Radobolja Ingah Stark Antea RosoDa Commission [Official] Nela Tomić for helping us out, special thanks toDominik Belančić for doing such a great job with the video. PLZ make sure to like, comment, share and subscribe because with out you we can’t keep this music moving !!!


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Coast 2 Coast LIVE | Germany Edition June 12th 2016!

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In a region where to say hip hop is an underappreciated genre would be a gross understatement, and those pursuing it are easily shunned as juvenile, entirely unserious or simply ignored, the brothers have been on a relentless crusade to reverse this perception by putting out an internationally competitive product which challenges the prevalent mediocrity and is an attempt to put Balkan Hip hop on the map. The semi-hostile environment for the culture has been a main source of Da Commission’s smash mouth and Dalmatian no compromise brand of Hip hop. The early-mid 2000’s saw a rise in the cultures popularity, though despite experiencing a fertile era in which slews of classic records pumped on radios and parks throughout urban hangouts in Croatia, today hip hop is a catch phrase or something ‘foreign’ to the populace. And you can’t exactly blame them, as the culture has have had no true champion in over a decade and been plagued by sub-par material resulting in a decline in demand. Armed without much more than raw talent and sheer determination, the brothers kept moving forward one obstacle at a time, honing their craft, cutting off heads of those who tried to tell them they couldn’t do it, and as Intricate D put it, ‘concern sparked indignation so The Fury was born…’ – a reference to the groups much anticipated ‘The Gods Fury’ record.




Da Commission have been placed on several underground projects amongst which are ‘Sleeper Cell Vol.2′(Atlanta) and ‘Street Muzik II’ (Louisiana); and are getting played on Cleveland, New Orleans, and London radio. In collaboration with hip hop veteran Salif of Sony Music and hit producer Wayne Beckford (24 #1 hits in Europe and the U.S. including Chris Brown, Rihanna, Akon, Michael Jackson etc.) have produced the record ‘Live it up’. Until now the brothers have proven themselves in over 500 performances in Croatia, the region, and even in further reaches of the Hip hop world (Dubai, Bahrain, Istanbul). What seems to distinguish Da Commission from their peers, regionally and globally, is their value based approach to hip hop and urban music not solely through the prism of authorship and artistry, but through actively entering other markets including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Scandinavia through releasing a consistent barrage of representative material where great artists and producers have joined forces to make good Hip hop.



Due to expressed interest in the brothers from powerhouse record labels Sony Austria and Universal Music Group Germany, the duo decided to make and release their debut album for free which will illuminate to domestic and the international public their opus and abilities. ‘The Fury’ brings forth a powerful authentic hip hop sound inspired by artists such as 2pac, Notorious B.I.G., Big L, Big Pun and other eminent authors of the era. Contributing to the album are renowned producers and artists from Germany and Sweden including Wayne Beckford, Curse, Wall-street, and fellow countryman Hren Beatz. ‘The Fury’ has brought together a group of successful and proven veterans from various genres including Salif, Angel, Mista CP, and Mo the General. Salif (Konvict music, Sony) jumps on ‘Vendetta’ where he synchronizes his hardcore past with his current mainstream accessibility. Angel lent a hand creating a feminine sensual hook and bridge on ‘Back II Basics’. Mo the General, the underground hip hop veteran from New Jersey, drops some lines on ‘On My Mind’. All collaborators and contributors who have worked on ‘The Fury’ are claiming the album is not only refreshing but shows an effortless fusion of classic hip hop sounds with Da Commission’s iconic delivery which when combined are guaranteed to have countless fans finding themselves lost in their words and beats whether they prefer hip hop, rap, R&B, or just urban music in general.